The New Premium Standard in Device Protection


Edge to Edge Protection
Any Device
Front and Rear
Phones, Tablets, Watches, Laptops
Clear, Coloured, Skins
Fitted in Minutes
Tougher than Tempered Glass


Why Choose Clearshield?

Stronger and thinner than tempered glass
We use shock absorbent materials – with greater flexibility than glass options.

Invisible edge-to-edge protection
ClearShield works flawlessly on curved screens and can be produced as case friendly or edge to edge protection. Working on flat model screens, rear glass and wearable devices too.

On-demand wrap around protection
Quick and convenient service to cover ALL our customer’s needs. From customer enquiry to completion of protective application in less than 3 minutes.

Be individual, make it your own
We can create on-demand skins with your favourite photo on any device

Safe and clean
Safety First! No sharp tempered glass chipping & flaking away. Smooth surface, always.

No more finger print reader issues
Works perfectly with in-glass finger print reader technology, Face ID and retina scanners.

1000's of Satisfied Customers

Tougher than Tempered Glass

same day 30 minute repairs

Fitted in Minutes, Lasts for Years

Price beat

Prices Start from £15


What makes this better than glass protection?
Our material has a higher shock-resistance than glass, whilst being thinner and practically invisible, with no glare.

Do the materials works on curved screens?
Yes – Our material curves naturally around the screen.

Is it water-resistant?
Yes – We’ve tested our protectors for up to 24 hours in water, with no bubbles or peeling

Can any device be protected?
Yes – if its not already in our database, we can create the template in less than 15 minutes.

Can you cover the back of my device?
Our materials can be cut to be applied to most smooth surfaces

Can you protect laptops/touchscreen laptops/Macbooks etc?
Yes – Our A3 printer is large enough to create screen protectors for larger devices

Will it stop my screen from breaking if my device is dropped?
Unfortunately nothing is 100% unbreakable, however ClearShield will provide your device with the best protection on the market currently.

Sounds Great! Whats the Cost?

Our ClearShield protection is less than you may think – we have three pricing structures

With Repair

Phone (ClearShield & Skin)

Front – £10
Rear – £10
Front & Rear – £15 

Tablet (ClearShield & Skin)

Front – £20
Rear – £20
Front & Rear – £30 

Laptop (ClearShield & Skin)

Screen – £30
Casing – £30
Screen & Casing – £60 

Without Repair

Phone (ClearShield & Skin)

Front – £15
Rear – £15
Front & Rear – £25 

Tablet (ClearShield & Skin)

Front – £20
Rear – £20
Front & Rear – £30 

Laptop (ClearShield & Skin)

Screen – £35
Casing – £35
Screen & Casing – £60 

Custom Skins

Phone (Custom Skin)

Rear Casing – £30

Tablet (Custom Skin)

Rear – £45

Laptop (Custom Skin)

Casing – £55

The most common brands we protect with ClearShield daily

Apple Repairs
htc repairs
Huawei repairs
lg repairs
Lenovo Repairs
nexus repairs
nokia repairs
oneplus repairs
pixel repairs
sony repairs