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Apple Watch Series 1 38mm Battery Repair Service

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If you wish to bring your device to our repair location in Swallownest, Sheffield then you can book your repair online here.

For Postal Repairs please continue to select the options below, add to cart and proceed to checkout.

Remember – The prices you see on our website are the same prices you will pay whether you come to us direct, or use the postal option (excluding postage fees)

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We can replace your Apple Watch Series 1 battery if it is losing charge quicker than normal or if it is failing to power on even though it is showing that it is taking charge.

**Please note this repair can take unto 3 working days to complete – Terms & Conditions Apply**

**Please note that this repair requires the removal of the screen from the device which is bonded to the frame.  Whilst we try and be as careful as we can when removing it there is a risk that the screen could break.  The cost to replace the screen would be charged to the customer, please only order this repair if you fully agree with this disclaimer**

You have two different repair options:

1.  Bring it to our repair location in Swallownest, Sheffield near Rotherham direct during our working hours (Book an appointment online or call us direct on 0114 287 8295 to arrange an appointment) To book an appointment online Click Here for a date and time convenient for you.  We have closed our retail store down due to spiralling energy costs and are now operating from the owners residential address just round the corner from the shop operating longer hours and 7 days a week.  We just ask that you give us a call if possible or book online to let us know you’re coming where possible.  Obviously if your device is not working and are unable to contact us, then you are welcome to just drop by and we will get you sorted as quick as we can.

2.  If you cannot get to us direct then you can buy your repair online and post your device to us.  Once we receive it we will get your device repaired and back in the post to you.  Most repairs are completed on the day we receive them, so you will have your device back in super quick time.

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