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Samsung Tab S2 8.0 Rear Camera Replacement


If you wish to bring your device into one of our stores then you can book your repair online here.

For Postal Repairs please continue to select the options below and proceed to checkout.

Remember – The price you see on our website is the same price you will pay whether you come into store or use the postal option (excluding postage fees)

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We can replace the Rear Camera in the Samsung Tab S2 8.0
Use this service if your Samsung Tab Rear Camera is not functioning correctly.  This could be identified by not being able to use the camera app, or if the picture is blurred or the colours are distorted.

Please note that due to the way this Tab is assembled, the front screen needs to be removed to access the internal components.  Whilst we take every precaution during removal there is a small risk of the screen breaking.  If this happens a new screen would become chargeable.  We assess the risk of the screen breaking during removal at around 10-15%

You have two different repair options:

1.  Bring it to our retail store in Sheffield direct during opening hours (Walk in or book online), or if you can’t get to the store within opening hours you can book an appointment at one of our out of hours addresses and we’ll get it fixed within 30 minutes for you.  To book an appointment in store or for the out of hours service Click Here for a date and time convenient for you

2.  If you cannot get to any of our stores then you can buy your repair online and post your device to us.  Once we receive it we will get your device repaired and back in the post to you.  Most repairs are completed on the day we receive them, so you will have your device back in super quick time.

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