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Phone Repair in Sheffield

iPhone Repair

We have been repairing Apple products for over 10 years. We can fix most iPhone issues within 15 minutes. We stock all iPhone parts as standard.

Tablet Repair

We can repair all tablets. If we can source replacement parts, we can repair your device. Super Quick turnaround and guaranteed repairs.

Smartphone Repair

We repair virtually all smartphone problems. Whatever issue you have, take advantage of our No Fix No Fee repair policy today.

iPad Repair

We offer repairs on every iPad model. We offer a super fast repair service and a comprehensive warranty on every repair. Book online today

Screen Replacement

We are able to replace broken or non responsive screens in as little as 15 minutes whilst you wait regardless of the level of damage.

Network & Software Issues

We repair all network related faults and will also repair software related issues such as malfunctioning apps, and forgotten passcodes.

Screen & Phone Protection

We stock a huge range of protective accessories - We will fit tempered glass screen protectors and protective cases for you.

Water Damage Repair

We have a high success rate when fixing water damaged devices. We can strip, clean and repair your device in store today - No Fix No Fee

Touch Screen Problems

If you are having issues with your touchscreen not working or parts of the screen not responding to touch then we can help you. Book a repair today

Battery Replacement

We can replace the battery in your smartphone or tablet in as little as 15 minutes. Book a repair today with Mobitech.

Charging Port Repair

We can fix all charging problems. If your device won't charge or won't recognise your charger or the pins have been damaged we can help

Network Unlocking

We can unlock any mobile device to be able to use any network worldwide. Contact us today for a price and we can arrange your unlock